Hi, I'm Victoria

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Whether its through teaching Yoga or giving treatments I hold space for people and their experience. I am an advocate towards the development of a intimate relationship with ALL of ourselves. Finding space and building capacity to be able to connect with the flow of life and the human experience.. 


When I began to practice Yoga I started to re-evaluate EVERYTHING; relationships, environment, work and the choices I was making. I started to wonder why I believed all the things I did? Why I behaved in ways I did? Who really am I?


My physical body was suffering and I was desperate to find out why, mentally I was lost and anxious, spiritually my soul was tired and heavy. I had mastered the art of escapism as a way of dealing with deep wounds and trauma. 


But it was getting on my mat again and again that gave me a glimpse of something beyond the darkness at the time I was experiencing and that’s when positive changes came in my life. I began to truly relate to myself, I started to reach out for support, things started to shift and I became dedicated to the path of healing and living more consciously.

Hi, I'm Victoria
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For many years, my commitment takes me to the foothills of the Himalayas for spiritual encouragement and trainings; I have been blessed on my path to be guided by great and compassionate teachers. My heart is eternally grateful to always meet a community of open hearts and inspiring exchanges to which I return to Europe with more things to share with you. 


I have thrived on Eastern culture and philosophies in particular TCM, been fascinated with anatomy, experimented with holistic healing systems and educated myself in neurophysiology and trauma… Why?! Because I didn’t want to suffer the way I was.  I longed to experience a healthy relationship with myself physcially, emotionally,  mentally and spiritually. I wanted to be able to show up as myself to those around me and experience authentic relationships. Through my practices I am building the capacity and resilience to intergrate and grow from the painful stories I carried around with me for so long. 


I have discovered tools and techniques through studying and training in different traditions and therapies; I weave them and guide/treat intuitively in ways that allows you to reclaim yourself and learn the language of your body,  to build safety and trust in yourself and your enviroment helping to retune the nervous system, to embody the qualities of listening and presence. All lead to better functioning in overall health and wellbeing and the relationship with yourself and the world. I love sharing them with you!

And that lead to the creation of Ma. . I am so happy to share with you the love of yoga, bodywork, support through pregnancy, singing, ceremony, workshops, retreats and blogs.


I call upon the sacred energies of the Divine Mother. She is Love that feels deeply and understands. She is soft and nurturing but she’s also a total badass that can be fierce when needs be and she is over flowing with gratitude.


The core base of my work is to be a nurturing attentive force, with an intention to create safe spaces for you to be held, witnessed and heard. As humans we thrive in community and in safer spaces that help us connect, listen and meet ourselves where we are at. We are wired for connection. 


It’s time to feel, heal and share together


Jai Ma


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What people say

Our happy visitors

I met Bashini at the Anand Prakash Ashram, India. I was immediately drawn to her bright light that filled the space she was in. Her classes at the ashram were powerful and uplifting. I felt that her love and wisdom were infused into her teachings and it helped me to move into a deeper space within my phusical and spiritual body. She holds such a compassionate presence and it shows in the way she helps you through your practice, adjusting you midfully, respecting your body and what it allows you to do. I would definately recommend experiencing one of her classes. You will truely benefit and maybe not in a way you expected.

Meeting Victoria was a life changing experience for me. I guess I was at some sort of 'turning point'. She left me deeply inspired and encouraged. Her input, whether it was breathing techniques, poetry or writings, shared experiencesshe had herself or that have inpired her and anotomical knowledge touched me. In both hhher teaching styles whether it be the slower or the more active practice, she has this beautiful intutition for this little gap between being challenged too muck and not being challenged enough. With her I never experienced either of the both extremes. I felt like she kept us safe and steady in this powerful in-between. You will learn to differentiate and you will find ease, joy, trust and strength in this gap, to which Victoria is guiding you through in her classes.

Victoria's great experience and mastery are evident in the wisdom and ease which she shares insight into being in the present moment whilst embodying yin and yang. Her teaching is grounded in clear instruction, maeningful adjustments and positive energy. No matter what you bring with you onto the mat, you will leave the class feeling balanced, refreshed and loved. Thank you so much!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Vicky for many years but our connection has greatly deepened since she shared her love for yoga with me. I joined Vicky in India for a three month long exploration into the self discovery and healing through yoga and meditation. It was a life changing experience and completely transformational in every sense and it would not be possible without her experience and guidance.

during my time of learning yoga more deeply, Victoria's support and teachings propelled me into a profound journey about discovering so much about myself by developing a special bond between my yoga mat and daily practice. I learnt to reconnect to beauty of life, experience the true nature of myself and a feeling almost as though I'd finally come back home to my true essence in a healthy and balanced way. She was attentive and nuturing throughout my progress and provided dynamic and powerful teaching with an open heart enabling healing and growth in abundance. I felt I truly flourished with Vicky as my yoga mentor. Thank you Victoria!

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