Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve


A 4 week series, exploring the Nervous System and Vagus Nerve through theory and practice. 


January 31st - February 21st - Every Sunday  

A weekly online meeting - 17:30 - 19:30 (CET)


Price: 45€

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Feeling safe is transformative. We are wired for survival and so our nervous system is on always on a quest for safety.


Safety means that we are not in a chronic state of evaluation -  it turns off the defences of the autonomic nervous system.


We are able to enjoy a physiological state that supports spontaneous social engagement behaviours. We feel exploratory and curious, we feel connected to ourselves and the environment.


As you are very aware we are living through a global pandemic, most of the world in lockdown, social distancing, financial worries and a constant overload of fear based information. There are people that are struggling to feel well especially as we have entered into a darker and colder season with Corona still persisting. We are in a collective survival mode. There is very little public discussion in the media about what our bodies need to feel safe and how important that is. Yes - there is alot of talk about safety thorugh washing hands, wearing masks, keeping distance but little information about the needs of our nervous system. 


My basis of understanding comes through studying the likes of Peter Levine and Dr Stephen Porges. Both Pioneers on understanding and healing Trauma and the Nervous system. Porges Polyvagal theory is a science of connection, trust and safety. The autonomic system regulates the workings of the visceral organs (heart, lungs, liver, stomach etc) it closely ties with our emotional state which influences our behaviour. Thus the proper working of our ANS is central to our emotional and physical well-being. I believe it is very important to understand and nourish.


Each Class will be an opportunity to explore some theory and then an invitation into a full 90min practice.

With a slow Yin approach to practice, floor asanas are held in a more open and relaxed way for a longer period of time. This way of practicing is supportive of the parasympathetic nervous system. We will explore and entwine different “techniques” to influence the Vagus nerve to encourage safety and soothe our system.


Let us gather and be held in a space to be witnessed, by myself and each other and learn the language of our bodies. Supporting ourselves through co-regulation and self- regulation. By the end of the course you will be equipped with a richer understanding of your physiology and you’ll be able to carry many practical tools away with you for a more calm experience of everyday life.


We will explore:

Getting to know the Nervous System

Understanding the branches of the Vagus Nerve

Why a felt-sense experience of safety is important 

What is Co-regulation and Self-regulation

Practices to support the Vagus Nerve


We will use this practice to:

Support digestive functions

Access more groundedness, calmness and clarity

Help aid sleeplessness and anxiety

Feel connected to oneself and each other



A quiet space where you won’t be interrupted 

A comfortable space where you practice

A book and pen to write in,

A open and curious mind and heart


I’m looking forward to exploring this valuable practice with you.

With love,



P.s. If you want to join but are struggling finanacially due to the pandemic please write to me and let me understand your situation and we can make a discounted rate. 


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