Discover: A Journey Inside with Yin/Yang Yoga

3 Week Online Course

3 week Spring Yin/Yang Yoga Challenge
3 week Spring Yin/Yang Yoga Challenge
3 week Spring Yin/Yang Yoga Challenge



Sep 14 - Oct 2, 2020
Mon-Fri 8.30-10.00am
Course in English

This 3-week morning challenge will combine a daily yin/yang yoga practice with explorations into yoga theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human nervous system -  and our own inner experiences. Each morning will be an opportunity to explore some theory and then invitation into a physical practice to explore your internal landscape, to become more familiar with your body and your experiences. By combining the poetic, nature-based philosophy of the Five Elements Theory with technical scientific insights from neurophysiology, we can learn to develop trust in our inner experience and allow it to be our navigation system, both out in the world and in our relationships.


In the first part of this 3-week challenge, we will look at the basic principles of the Five Elements Theory as found in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The philosophy behind this theory looks at the connections between various aspects of our experience - the seasons, climates, emotions, body organs and different stages of life. Chinese medicine believes that this body we live in is a manifestation of nature and if we align ourselves with the natural processes of life and the seasons and find a balance of both yin and yang, our bodies will adjust and thrive.


In the second part of the challenge I will guide you towards a fuller and deeper understanding of the nervous system. We will explore the differences between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, how important it is to be able to flow in and out of both states, the response cycle and how to recognise when you might find yourself stuck in one or the other. We will also touch on different types of trauma and how trauma is held in the body, how that effects our experience of life, our feeling of safety within ourselves and our environment. 


Yin is a slow and meditative practice in which asanas are held for a longer period of time to target the deeper dense tissues of the body. This practice stimulates the meridians bringing balance to the body’s organs, improves flexibility and joint mobility, calms and balances the mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety, works deeply on the connective tissues (fascia, tendons and ligaments) and can optimally prepare the body for meditation.

Yang yoga is a more active, rhythmic practice that strengthens and tones the body, improves flexibility and circulation, increases stamina, calms the mind by inviting us to synchronise movement with breath and removes tension and obstacles in the body to allow breath and prana to flow.


Week 1

- An introduction to a new element each day (wood, fire, earth, metal and water)
- Yin practice to support the different elements 

Week 2

- Exploring the nervous system - its functions, its structure and the effect of yoga
- A look at the concepts of dysregulation, regulation and capacity
- Daily yin/yang asana practice 

Week 3

- A look at what trauma means and the ways in which trauma-sensitive yoga practise can be therapeutic and helpful
Investigating the stress-response cycle, ways to manage stressors and feel safe and connected

-Vagus nerve - what is it and what does it do
- A daily mixture of yin and yin/yang practices to round out the course


I look forward to sharing this time with you


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