Embracing Sacred Ceremony

When I close my eyes I can journey back to the endless rituals and ceremonies I have had the great honour to be introduced too in the last years. I am grateful for doors they opened for healing, love and intimacy. Most of my potent memories are spent in India where specific rites and rituals are still carried out daily and have been for thousands and thousands of years. 

I have spent much of my last years living in an ashram where we start everyday with Agni Hotra, an ancient Vedic ritual that purifies the surrounding atmosphere. It’s a warming experience in the morning time to gather around the mesmerising element of

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fire and chant Sanskrit together. When I chant the vibrational language I feel profoundly connected to civilisations from thousands of years ago. The essence of the practice is to honour the elements and the mystery of life, to offer gratitude for the life force that so graciously moves through everything. Something we don’t always give too much priority, to take the time to cultivate this level of gratitude when we roll out of bed when our alarm goes off, but adopting a morning ritual can make a huge impact on your general outlook on life 

It moves me to witness the devotion from others, to feel the sincerity and the surrender of those around me. To be reminded that there is something beyond what we can perceive, a higher force that connects us all. After the ceremony there is an opportunity for personal prayer at the fire pit which is seen as a form of God “Lord Agni” This is a space to create intention and a chance to offer things to the fire for transformation- A space to ask what are we willing to let go or change? What do we want to call in? Where do we want to direct our energy today? 

Rituals help us to unite, celebrate, and be grateful for life and its expression; they offer us a way of healing. For my personal journey there has been great shifts in many areas of my life when I started to acknowledge my ancestors through ceremony. These types of ceremonies go back as old as humanity and not just in India but all over the world; the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Chinese all worship and revered their ancestors. They were considered a more significant part of the community than the living. The dead were not seen as seperate from the living, death was not the end of life just a stage of it. 


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This type of worship in India is called a Priti Puja. (Priti= ancestor puja = worship) Paying homage to our linage for those before us and those who will come after us. We pray for their peace and we open ourselves for enquiry. For those of the past have a true influence on who we are today and we can choose to give future generations new opportunities.

How? Well we carry our ancestors within us, we receive our physical body from them (energy, DNA, blood)

We inherit their patterns and habits and we carry their wounds and traumas. If we manage to break the chains of limiting beliefs, violence, racism and addictions then it seems the work we can do today to transform these can help the whole lineage to evolve. 



“Seeds carry life from generation to generation without end. Through the seeds speak the voices of the ancestors. Each time we plant a seed, we become ancestors for the generations to come”   

What do you know about your ancestors? Do you notice certain beliefs or habits which you learnt through your family which do not serve you? We have the choice today to begin to change. It is a BIG responsibility to do the conscious work of healing and there are times in which we have to get incredibly uncomfortable in order to transform pain and deep patterns. Yes avoidance can be bliss but I have seen many times through the work that darkness eventually transforms to light, and that light heals not only ourselves but others too. It is a pain with a purpose.

I remember the words of a kind teacher ‘Our stories and problems are relatable, therefore we can heal in relationships’ Finally I was given permission to share my fears, wounds and traumas. I grew up in English culture where the popular phrase is “stiff upper lip” It is very common that you don’t talk about what is REALLY going on. Emotions are repressed and you pretend you are okay when you're not. There is a huge process of unlearning what was my usual way of detachment and distraction to owning what is going on and expressing my truth.


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In order for us to show up and be really seen we must build trust in that process and feel safe to be vulnerable and I found that in sacred community. Today there are many opportunities to participate in activities like women circles, plant ceremonies, full and new moon gatherings, retreat spaces and conscious training programs. As humans we have a primal need for connection and these types of gatherings you are seen and held by others and you learn to offer that others. I feel blessed to have sat in circle many times with courageous woman baring their hearts and I tell you shit can get  raw, things are offered up for transformation, sisterhoods are formed, support is shared, tears fall, love flows, grief is exposed, joy is expressed, energy moves through sharing; dancing, laughing and singing. 

I have found much depth has been added to my life by making steps towards truly relating to others, by opening up communication with the Divine. It has truly nourished my spirit. Life has meaning. I encourage anyone that has never been to a sacred gathering to try it and to take a step towards deeper connection with yourself, other beautiful people and life its self. 

Please see my events page for events I am offering and come along. Hope you see you.

Its time to feel, heal and share.

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